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The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

By Lawrence Beharry

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There many various fad diets out nowadays that it can seem very overwhelming to try to decide which one is the best fit for you. We will look at one of these diets that very big on the internet, the Burn the Fat, Feed the fire diet which is by Tom Venuto a personal trainer, success coach, publisher and freelance writer. We will analyze the Pro's and Con's so you can decide if it is right for you.

The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Pro's

Pro - It can be catered to your personal needs regarding weight loss.

Being essentially a body type diet, the burn the fat diet works knowing that everyone's body is different and that we will all process and burn food differently. This can be very beneficial for some who have met problems with other diets that seem to catered to only one body type. As an example, one person's body might burn better on a plan that places more emphasis on complex carbs. While another type might would do better with a much lower carbohydrate intake.

This system helps you decide on what body type you probably are and then gives you the information that you need to create a plan that includes fitness and diet based on that decided upon body type. As you go along you can adjust your calories and nutrition as you see fit. This in the end should give you more results with your specific diet as it is exactly what your body needs.

Pro: It contains lot of very valuable nutrition facts.

The Burn the Fat diet has lot of information about everything you always wanted to know about nutrition and don't forget that it can be catered to your body type so getting specific nutrition facts for your unique body type can be very important to you. Specifically you will get information about vitamins, calories and macronutrients. By itself there are 270 pages all based around nutrition alone.

There also many informative plans to assist you in discovering your caloric intake needs and metabolic rate.

Pro: There are upgrades that you can purchase if you needed.

Aside from the book by itself, there are extras that you can buy as a supplement to the book. This information includes content such as a series of author interviews and a subscription to the author's website. This review does not contain any insight into these upgrades so we cannot recommend these products one way or another, however, if you have already purchased the book and enjoyed it then it stands to reason that you will also find value in the additional upgrades as the site itself contains a great deal of reading content.

Because of the amount of information that the program contains, it may be a quite a lot for a new or casual dieter to take in. It would probably be more better suited to those who are serious dieters that are looking for more of an overall lifestyle and body change.

The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Cons

Con: Not recommended for a new or casual dieter.

One point alone can back this up; the book alone stands at 341 pages long. Obviously, a new dieter should concentrate their focus on starting slowly with their diet changes and not sit and read an ebook for nights at end. There a free many beginner plans already available on the Internet that can help them get started. Once these new dieters realize that they want to up their goals and plans then this information can then be incorporated into their existing diets and since the dieter is already self-motivated because of their initial changes in diet then they are more likely to be successful with the info from the book.

Don't forget, that the author is a bodybuilder and this reflects in his writing meaning that he places a high importance on achieving a low body fat percentage. While this is important, for a beginner it may be difficult to get used to the bodybuilding type discipline that is needed to achieve their recommendations.

Con: There is not enough information on exercise.

This is actually quite surprising since this information is coming from someone who has dedicated his life to exercise. However, instead the author dedicates most of the content to nutrition. The most significant contribution to exercises come in the form of cardio and weight training which total to about 50 pages. He does go into some discussions on the importance of excersie and it's affects on the body, however the actual exercises themselves do not contain enough details. They are more like lists of exercises rather than step by step pointers on how to do the actual exercise and on good form. Again, this is surprising to us especially considering that one thing that Tom Venuto does to sell his ideal body is show images of himself on his sales page. A body like his can really only be obtained with hardcore exercise so this can come off as a bit misleading.

Therefore, this would probably not be recommended to someone who wants to place more emphasis on strength training and cardio then on changing their diet. There are better books out there for those areas.

However, if you're only just slightly curious about weightlifting and just need some guidance on some good exercises to do and are more curious about nutrition then this info would be fine for you.

The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Conclusion:

This book has a great deal of of very valuable information and is highly recommended for anyone who is serious about shaping their body by specifically changing their overall lifestyle and eating habits. It cannot be denied that this is expert and extensive information. However, for the new or casual dieter then I would say that they should try some simple, perhaps free, plans first and see how motivated you become first before exploring the informative world of the Burn the Fat diet.

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Recommended Reading
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